Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trade with Jason of Hobb's Knights

Due to the underwhelming play of the Orioles and being out of town on business has left this blog neglected for a couple of weeks now. Trading has been slow, but I did have this nice little one pop up. This whole trade started with a blaster box break of 09 UD O-Pee-Chee I did about a month ago. Jason over at the relatively new Hobb's Knights blog inquired about a Grady Sizemore insert I pulled from the box. After exchanging a few emails these new additions to my collection ended up in my mailbox:
This Black Bordered Nick Markakis card from the aforementioned OPC set is my favorite card of the trade. Sure it's a little off-center but I like it nonetheless!
I enjoy cards of Eric Davis in an Orioles uniform for some strange reason. Not that its that strange I just find his battle with cancer and playing ball at the same time is just amazing to me. My mom had to take chemo treatments and I know how that wiped her out. So to be able to take chemo and then hit a key home run during the playoffs just makes you think.
Switching gears a little bit, Chris Tillman may be the goat of Birdland right now. He fooled us all by throwing 6 no hit innings in his season debut. Now the poor guy can't buy an out. I've met Chris in person twice and he is a nice guy but I'm really starting to loose faith in him and his 86-87 mph fastball.
And that brings me to maybe the first in a long line of Orioles reclamation project pitchers. Fernando just plain sucked when he was with the O's, plain and simple.

Jason also sent me a good stack of 09 Goudeys for my set which I am getting closer and closer to completing. He also sent me a bunch of other nice Orioles cards that I wasn't able to feature here.

Thanks Jason for the awesome trade!

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