Sunday, June 13, 2010

Results from the Group Break hosted by Nachos Grande!

To say that I enjoyed this group break would be an understatement. Even though I have nothing to compare it to, this break was still a blast! Chris really has a knack for pulling Orioles cards from packs and I am thankful for that. I really feel like I cleaned up with all the great cards I got. Here is just a small sample of the O's he pulled for the break:
2005 Upper Deck All-Stars Classic Cal Ripken. This is another new Cal that I'll be adding to my 5 inch binder. It's really hard to say Cal Ripken Jr. and not follow it up with "All-Star" and "Classic".

1995 Stadium Club Ben McDonald. I'm not sure Ben McDonald was known as a particularly intense player during his career or not. The expression that he wears in this photo is so intense that it makes the inside brim of his hat burn bright orange.

1995 Stadium Club Clearcuts Rafael Palmeiro. Now, this is a sweet card. Not only because it is a box hit that I was lucky enough to get, but because you can see through it. It's hard to tell from the scan but it is. This card kinda has that Chrome Refractor look to it. That would make this card the Granddaddy of Chromes because the inaugural Topps Chrome set didn't release until 1996.

Thanks to Chris again for having the box break and I look forward to you having another.


  1. I saw that you loaded up on Orioles in that break, congrats. Those Clear Cut cards are some very nice stuff.

    Speaking of breaks I'm hosting one of my own very soon if you're interested.

  2. Nice Clear Cuts. I'd completely forgotten about those - good stuff.