Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trade with Chris from Nachos Grande

Here is another trade with a fellow blogger that I have been wanting to post for a while. Chris over at Nachos Grande is a Reds fan. His team gives me some hope that my Orioles will someday soon be a surprisingly good team. Chris hosted a Group Break that I really cleaned up on. I will post that as soon as I get some time. Here are the cards from our trade agreement:

2009 Goudey Cal Ripken. I really don't need to explain why I want to show a Ripken. I have so many of them and every time I get a new one I haven't seen before, I get pretty excited.

2009 Topps Heritage Brad Bergesen. I really hope Brad gets it turned around soon. I really do want him to succeed. I have fond memories of watching him at OPACY dominating the White Sox in his MLB Debut.

2008 Stadium Club Brian Roberts. I'm not really sure what is going on in this action shot but it makes me miss Stadium Club. I really wish Topps would bring this back Stadium Club. I think they could make it work with full bleed cards to pick up right where Upper Deck left off. I really like the minimalist look of Stadium Club cards. Let the pictures tell the stories, Topps!

A big thanks to Chris for the awesome trade. I also enjoyed his box break too. He really knows how to pick'em. Until next time, Go O's.

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  1. I watched Bergesen pitch against the M's this year. Seems to have the stuff, but really facing an uphill battle. He could turn it around though, there's time.

    Man, Baltimore just needs that star ace in the front of the rotation. It's been a while since Baltimore has had "that guy" that you knew could represent that role.

    Either way, the M's have King Felix and Cliff Lee and they're getting pounded. Baseball is a funny thing that way.