Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trade with JayBee of bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog

I don't usually get that many trade offers because I am more proactive in that sense.  I'm usually looking over wantlists and offering up cards for trade.  Not this time though!  Jaybee from bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog hit me up with a couple of cards I need for my collection.  I was happy to oblige and sent him a single card he needed.  Here are a few of the cool cards he sent:

This card is a fairly obscure one but it was the last I needed to finish up my 2004 Topps/Topps Traded Team set.  It was on my Top 10 Wanted list on the sidebar that will now need to be replaced.  Mike never made it to the big leagues but at the time this card was produced he was a rising prospect in the Orioles system.  I checked out his Baseball Reference page and he never made it past double-A ball. It seemed he just couldn't hit more advanced pitching.
I had seen these cards before but never in person.  It appears to be some kind of goofy card game that Topps came up with to sell cards.  I got several more of these in the trade package and they really are interesting.  They are made of plastic and you can see through them.
I'll close out this quick trade post with another card I had never seen in person.  I didn't even realize that Topps Opening Day existed in 1998.  All I am missing from the team set now is Jeffrey Hammonds.  That particular card will be placed on my Top 10 Wanted list.

Thanks Jaybee for the quick and easy trade!

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