Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two 2011 Topps Chrome Value Packs

The Fiancee and I stopped into Target to pick up some birthday cards and also add a few things to our wedding registry.  We're less than a month from our big day and starting to feel our stress and anxiety levels rise.  What better way to relieve some stress by busting a few value packs of 2011.  I let her pick the two out that I purchased and I'm glad I did.  She always picks packs with the best cards!

I can't go wrong with an Orange of the best player in baseball.

I got a regular Jeter in the same pack...

I was happy to get this rookie refractor of Teheran.  I think he's capable of some big things and we'll be hearing his name for years to come.

This was the reason I let her pick the packs when she's with me. My goal for the packs was to get and Orioles Orange refractor or and X-fractor in them so I'm especially happy I got one for my growing Markakis PC.  Pulling this out of a pack makes one less card I have to scour COMC for.  The X-fractors look much better this year BTW.

Here's the other highlights of the packs in non-picture form:

Refractor: Brett Anderson

Orange Refractors:  Lance Berkman, Matt Cain, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford

X-Fractor:  Chris Pettit

Purple Refractor:  Chris Young

Everything listed is up for trade except for the Markakis X-Fractor.


  1. Nice Nick the Stick card. I need to pick up some Chrome at some point. I actually made the set last year (a customer at the shop bought a ton of boxes and gave me all of her doubles).