Sunday, September 1, 2013

Group Break Announcement: 2013 Topps Chrome

I had a lot of fun hosting the group break a few weeks back for the Mini set that Topps has as an online exclusive.  While it was frustrating waiting for them to go on sale, I have decided to do another group break!

So what are we busting?

2 Hobby Boxes of 2013 Topps Chrome! There will be 4 on-card autographs in the 2 boxes.  Everyone likes on-card autographs don't they?  You know there's going to be regular refractors, blue refractors, gold refractors, and superfractors in these hobby boxes too!  I'm big fan of Topps Chrome since it usually has a good selection of autographed cards and there isn't a whole lot of chaff in the player selection.  Nothing like seeing the best players with the best photography all Chromed up!

The product will be released on September 25th so I hope to order the boxes by the end of the week to lock in a preorder!

The rules are going to be similar to the other breaks I've run in the past.  I'm going to stick with what works!  You sign up for the team you want (if you want more than one, that's fine too).  You're then going to get a random team from the 15 that weren't picked.  Each standard 2 team slot is going to be $12.50.  Each additional 2 team slot will cost $10.00.  International shipping will be extra since the USPS has jacked up the price of shipping overseas.

Payment should be sent Paypal to ryanhughes12 at yahoo dot com.  Also please send me an email to the same address with your current address and the teams you claimed so I have updated info for you. If you need to send payment through a different option, please contact me!

All 15 Slots have been claimed!  Thanks!

Atlanta Braves - Chris Mays - PAID
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Baltimore Orioles - Ryan H. - PAID
Boston Red Sox -
Chicago Cubs -
Chicago White Sox -
Cincinnati Reds - Baseball Dad - PAID
Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad - PAID
Colorado Rockies - Joe Average Card Collector
Detroit Tigers - I Don't Know...3rd Base - PAID
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Los Angeles Angels - PATP - PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL - PAID
Kansas City Royals - Chris Ross - PAID
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees -
Oakland Athletics - Chris Rasmussen. - PAID
Philadelphia Phillies -
Pittsburgh Pirates - Nate Bell - PAID
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants -
Seattle Mariners -
St. Louis Cardinals - Joe Average Card Collector
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers - PATP - PAID
Toronto Blue Jays - Chris Rasmussen. - PAID
Washington Nationals - Judson - PAID


  1. Sign me up for the Blue Jays for sure, and when payday comes around again I have my eye on another team if the spots aren't all filled.

  2. Gimme the Nats! Payment on the way.

  3. Sign me up for the Tigers....I'll send money soon!

  4. Just a FYI, the release date was pushed back to September 25th

  5. Indians and Reds please! Will pay this week-end.

    Thanks !!

  6. If I can get Cardinals and Rockies and pay on my next pay day in mid Sept that would be awesome!

  7. Throw Oakland in on my list, too. Thank you. I will send payment momentarily.