Thursday, January 30, 2014

Topps Just Announced This! MUST READ!

Topps just announced that anyone that has any of the SP Sparkle variation cards from 2014 Topps Series 1, should start ripping them open to find exclusive 1-of-1 parallels.  These are similar to the 1-of-1's that were included in the box tops of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter!  These special 1-of-1's are actually smaller than the early 90's Topps micro cards. I think they are calling them Nano-fractors and they are actually colored shit brown. 

 I have also heard reports that you can find the SP sparkle variations by their smell.  It smells eerily similar to the Sparkles from 2011, which in turn actually smell like shitty baby diapers and Desitin.


  1. HA! I just heard that it's only the Puig variations, and if they come up empty, you have to ship all your wrappers, one per envelope, to Topps, who'll respond with 1989 Topps cards as replacements.

    1. Good thing I stocked up on Forever stamps before the price increase, because I am looking to get the full 1989 Buyback Redemption set. I hope they don't ruin the value of the cards by putting those foil stamps on the fronts.

  2. Topps NO NO NO NO NO NO. The Rip card idea sucks and is one of the worst trading card gimmicks ever conceived.