Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Post, Outlook for the Future and What to Expect

"O" No! I have started a blog. This is my first shot at a blog. I haven't tried something like this so I think this is a new challenge for me in the world of baseball card collecting. Having done my homework by reading other's blogs and getting some good ideas to keep things interesting, I think I can make an entertaining read for people interested in what I may have to say about the Orioles or the card industry in common. Some may ask: "Why now start an Orioles Blog?, Your team is terrible!" I say, "Why Not." Orioles fans are the best in the game and really stick by their team through thick and thin. They are building for the future as am I. I look forward to giving my spin on the O's.

That being said this is what you can expect from me. I might not be able to post every day like some of the other guys here in the blog-o-sphere. I do have other obligations between family life, other hobbies and even actually playing baseball in an organized league. I will post my pursuit of all thing Orioles. I will show interesting Orioles cards that I have acquired, Autographs that I have gotten in person or TTM. I will also give my spin on the current card market and maybe even some box breaks and impressions of new or old products. I hope to throw in a few surprises here and there to keep it interesting.

I'm just getting started, so stay tuned.


  1. This is an odd time for an Orioles to step forward and admit they are an O's fan to step forward and are all Orioles collectors named Ryan? Just curious... Best of luck blogging! Get in touch if you want to do a little trading. Welcome to the Blogger Family!

  2. Haha, Thanks Troll for being my first comment. We are all named Ryan and are all clever drones sent by Peter Angelos to be loyal to the Orioles organization. We all wear orange and black and worship some guy called "The Iron Man". Anyways, I will be in touch with you for some possible trading!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. It is hard to be an O's fan right now, but Matusz, Wieters et al will make it easier sooner than later. Welcome aboard.

    Oh, and Im an Os fan not named Ryan.

  4. Welcome to the big show....of sports card blogging.

    8 games into the season, I felt your pain as an Orioles fan (myself being an Astros fan), but it seems it just isn't in the cards for them this year.

    Can't wait to read more on the blog!!

  5. Welcome!! I have alot of Ripken doubles drop me an email.

  6. Welcome to the fray. Looking forward to reading about the O's.