Friday, April 30, 2010

Baltimore's Inept Offense

Pictured is a custom TTM postcard that I made last season. I made one for most every player on the team last year and Wiggy was the only position player to autograph his and to send it back. The reason I chose this particular piece of O's memorabilia today is because Wigginton has been the most consistent hitter for Baltimore this year. It was painful last night watching the Oriole lineup just get completely shut down by the pinstrippers from the Bronx. 3 hits!!!

Hopefully Wigginton's hot start to the season will continue and and it will rub off on the other guys in the lineup. Maybe he should sneeze on some of the sleeping batters or show them what end of the bat to swing.

Also, Wigginton has been getting a bulk of the starts at second base while Brian Roberts has been out. If he continues to hit like he is now, where does he play when Bri-Rob returns( if he returns at all this season)? Does he get more starts at DH (Luke Scott, you are officially on notice. START HITTING!)? Or does he get some starts at 1st and 3rd(Atkins you have been on notice, keep up the smuggness and you'll be looking for new employment soon.)? Anybody have any thoughts?

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