Monday, December 13, 2010

Trade with Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog

While looking at some of the great blogs I follow, I stumbled upon Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog's wantlists on his site. I emailed him and before I knew it I was tearing through my commons boxes pulling out tons of cards that he needed for his sets. As a fellow set builder I have tons of cards left over from the sets I've built and was happy to help him out. Here are just a small sampling of the great cards he sent back to me:

The Patterson Autograph is my first of him. His whole first name is decipherable but his last name after the P is just a straight line. Bedard has become the man made of glass in the great Northwest since he was traded there a few years ago. The normally healthy Brian Roberts had his issues with illness and injuries this year but I'm sure he'll bounce back this year.

This is my favorite Ultra Iron Man insert of the 50 that are in the set. Family Ties is what I will call it. I have more than half of the 50 card in the insert set so if you have any for trade, I'd love to hear from you.

This Pacific card of Roberto Alomar is kind of a revelation of sorts. I used to despise, even HATE Pacific cards for some reason. I just never liked them. Recently I have done a 180 and have really started to embrace Pacific for some reason. I have next to no Pacific Orioles in my collection so check out my wantlists if you think you can help!
This Millwood card is a Blue Parallel from 2010 Topps Opening Day. I thought these Blue Paralleled Oriole cards only existed in fairy tales because I had not seen one until now. I only need 3 more to complete the Team set ( Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones).

These are only a few of the great cards Scott sent me but believe me, there were tons of others! I highly recommend Scott as a trader so get on over and check out his blog already!

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  1. My pleasure! I have a list of team collectors so I can start 'filing' away. You da man for that bounty you sent me.