Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trade with Big D from Hey! That's Mine

Well as soon as I post about not having anything to blog about, I get a package in the mail. This trade comes to me from Big D of Hey! That's Mine. Before Christmas I sent him a package of 2010 Topps base cards and some inserts. I also sent some unopened packs for each of his kids. I've always wondered how he came up with the name for his blog. I wonder if he was pondering over the name and his kids were in the other room arguing over a toy. I dunno... onto the cards.

Big D was admittedly low on Orioles because they have the best bloggers of any team and he has traded with a lot of them in the past. The O's he did come up with were great though. Several will come in handy for FanFest this month. Here are a few others that I liked:

I don't have many Pacific cards in my collection so if you have some, dig 'em out and trade them to me!

He also helped me complete my 2007 UD Masterpieces set. This single card was the only one I needed from 07 or 08 including shortprints. This made the trade for me!
He also was able to throw in few 2010 Topps Updates I needed for the set. Ike Davis has eluded me in every pack of 2010 product I've busted now that I think about it. Now I finally have one! I still need a few 2009 Upper Decks to complete my entire run from 1989 to 2009. Norris Hopper here completes my Series 2 so hopefully I can finish this set out really soon.

I want to thank Big D for the trade I enjoy reading his blog and seeing the custom cards he makds. I wouldn't mind seeing an Oriole or two in the near future!

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  1. That Gehrig card is schweet! I've liked every one of those masterpiece cards I've seen. Even recieved one in a prize pack recently (a Cal Ripken Orioles!). I've not seen any packs close to me for purchase though. I'll check your updates list and see what I've got. L8R