Friday, January 28, 2011

Trade with Cliff of Capewood's Collections

I'll start out this trade post with a thank you to Cliff who sent me this great trade package. For a bunch of Phillies cards he needed, I ended up with a really nice stack of Orioles cards I needed. This is just a sampling of the cards because I don't have the time or space here to feature them all.
This card is one that I have been seeking for a while. It has been residing on my Top 10 Wanted list for a couple of months now. I think this is Melvin's earliest Orioles card. Being a Topps Traded card, it was a little harder to track down than the regular base set.

I enjoy cards of O's players that show the B&O warehouse in the background. This one is no different. Tomorrow I'll probably catch a glimpse of the longest building on the east coast. More on that in a moment. This Cal card is going into my team set binders. I am now going back and adding Cal to all of those binders because I realized that these team sets really aren't complete without him. I guess my thinking was that I already have the cards in the Cal binders, so why do I need 2 copies? I guess my OCD bone kicked in and decided otherwise!

This is quite an interesting card. I didn't catch the error on the first, second, or even third look at it. I don't think that the player pictured is Scott Erickson. I think that "Scott" is actually none other than Gabe Molina!

Here is what Scott really looks like, but you knew that anyways! While looking at this Fleer Ultra card, I realized that I don't have many Ultra Orioles from 1994 to 2005. Hook me up with some!
I'll close here with a card of Adam Loewen. While he ended up being an overall bust for Baltimore, I pictured this card for a different reason. I will be in Baltimore tomorrow for the O's FanFest! I should have some neat stuff to share when I get back so keep an eye here for some updates next week...

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