Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Spring Training TTM Success #1

I got home from work yesterday and patiently waited for the mail. Sometimes my mail comes at 9:30 in the morning sometimes it comes at 8:30 at night. Really, there is no telling when the mail will arrive most days. Anyways, last week I sent out 24 TTM requests to players in Orioles camp, Braves camp, and to former Orioles players in other team's camps. Here's the first success of the year:
Chris Ray signed this card and returned it to me in 1 week flat. He has one of the more legible autographs that I have in my Orioles collection. He's currently in the Seattle Mariners camp on a minor league contract. I liked Chris when he was with the Orioles. When he blew out his elbow in 2007, it started a long process of him working his way out of the O's future plans. He was traded to Texas before last season and ended up with the Giants. Either way he got his World Series Ring! I hope Chris has a good season this year (just not when we visit Safeco or he visits Birdland!)


  1. Nice to get the 1st one of the year!

  2. Nice autograph man! Chris was always a pretty decent signer at Camden Yards and I'm happy to see that he signs TTM too.