Friday, November 18, 2011

Card Show Pickups: Trade Bait

While at card shows, instead of just buying cards for myself, I tend to keep my eye out for cards that my trading partners might like too.  I stumbled upon one table where I picked up all of these cards.  Either the guy was out of his mind or was just selling to get out of the hobby. 

I didn't think I could go wrong with either of these 3 rookie cards.  Not at 50 cents a piece!
There was a section on the table with pick 4 for 6 dollars.  The first two are probably the "worst" out of the bunch.  I think Cabrera is way underated.  He can fall out of bed and hit.  He can probably fall out of bed drunk and hit better than most players.  Maybe one day the hobby will wake up and take notice of his cards.       I guess being an alcoholic turns people against your collectability these days.  (Though it never seems/seemed to matter because people/Topps love Mantle!!!)
Here's the other 2 cards from the 4 for 6 deal.  Surely somebody is interested in a Gwynn numbered 37/99 and a Pujols numbered 98/100. Right?

If any of these strike your fancy, just hit me up with a trade offer!


  1. Interested in the Pujols! I have an O's game used lying around somewhere, I'll e-mail you tonight with a scan!

  2. Well, I'm always interested in a Cabrera GU card. I'm not sure I have too much you'd be interested in. But shoot me a reply and I'll look around.