Friday, August 10, 2012

Box Break: 2012 Allen & Ginter

As late as 6 months ago, I would have never thought that this post would make it on this blog.  Like I said before, this is a gift hobby box to myself as I recently finished moving to a new house and painting just about every visible surface inside of it.  I'm new to the A&G universe since I have just come down with the fever in the past couple of months.
I think the base card design is pretty good this year. It's different from past years but not too different.  It sticks to what Ginter does best: looks classy.  I think that Topps put too many bells and whistles on last year's issue and that hurt most everybody's impressions of the set.
So enough about what I think about the cards lets see what I got:
Here's the box topper.  It's a plain jane Johnny Bench N43 card.  How the heck am I supposed to store this thing?
My first hit of the box was this Jordan Zimmerman autograph card.  Since he's been pretty good this year I'm pretty happy with pulling his 'graph!
I don't have a ton of things to say about my first relic card of the box other than it's for trade.

Here's the rarer minis that I pulled.  I've always admired George Washington as a Military Hero.  He got his butt whipped in many, many battles during the War for Independence, but he men kept fighting for him.  I think that's why he's in this set, not for winning battles but being well enough liked that his men respected and fought to the end for him.
Here's my big mojo hit of the break.  It's a pretty neat one too.  I remember when this happened a few years.  This relic is actually from a specific event unlike the normal disclaimer that is on the back of relic cards these days.

So I'm building the set.  You can check out my wantlist for what I need along with some of the other sets in working on right now.  Also,I bought a few lots on ebay so those are mixed in with the trade list below:

SPs: 301 Chambers, 302 Werth, 306 R Howard, 309 Karolyi, 314 Buffer, 317 Heyward 319 Wainwright, 320 Papelbon(2), 325 Robinson, 333 K. Johnson, 334 Beltre, 336 G. Gonzalez, 339 Cash, 344 Dominguez, 348 Headley
Regular Back Minis: 31 J. Robinson, 72 Soria, 102 Street, 116 Beachy, 121 Wright, 123 Lind,  209 Crisp, 231 Helton, 240 Lombardozzi, 246 T. Hunter, 259 W. Davis, 266 C. Ruiz, 304 Farnsworth, 329 Butler, 337 Holliday, 350 Kendrick 315 Betances, 349 Espinosa, 350 Kendrick(2)
A&G Back Minis: 48 Walden, 66 Y. Molina, 97 Scherzer, 115 Santana, 132 D. Hudson, 228 Fowler, 307 J. Peralta
Black Border Minis: 97 Scherzer, 145 Storen
Worlds' Tallest Buildings: WTB2, 7, 8
Baseball Highlights Sketches: 2 Seaver, 8 Jeter, 23 J. Robinson
Murder in Willow Cove: Marcie Guttman, Lennie Guttman, Sigmund Buttle, Andy Modell
Musical Masters: MM16 Gustav Mahler
N43 Box Loader: N43-9 Johnny Bench


  1. Hey! I am interested in your Historical Turning Points cards and your Culinary card. May you set those aside for our next trade? Thanks.

  2. If you are ever willing to part with Mr. Zimmerman, I can probably put together a trade package you might pressure though :-)

  3. I'd be interested in:
    Reg. mini: 137, 147, 242, 255, 304, 306, 310, 319
    Culinary curiosities: 10 (last one I need for my set)
    Military Leader: 8
    People of the Bible: 5

    I'm sure I could help out with a lot of your Ginter needs - shoot me an email if you are interested!

  4. I'm interested in the Young jersey card. Would you trade it for a 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Melvin Mora dual relic card (jersey/bat) numbered 047/100? Let me know. Thanks!