Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trade with Kyle of Nolan's Dugout

Here's another one of my recent trades that I was able to work out in spite of my busy schedule.  This one is from Kyle of Nolan's Dugout.  He posted some wantlists about some mid 90's parallels and I happened to have a bunch from his list.  Here's some of the highlights of the package:
Not many people remember that Ozzie Guillen played for the Orioles.  This card comes off of my Top 10 most wanted list as well as my 1998 Upper Deck O's team set list.
Kyle did a full on assault of my Top Ten Wanted list and knocked off Jeff Manto

and the 1997 Upper Deck Chris Hoiles cards that didn't scan worth a crap.  I'm too busy to re-scan them so they will be publicly shown like this for eternity.

In addition to knocking some cards off the Top 10 Wanted list He also sent a bunch of cards from my One Card of Every Oriole list.  I have reasons for each card that is on the list whether it be the only  card the player appeared on, or for the cool action shot, or just a pleasing looking card over all.  This John Pacella card makes me wonder why the heck his hat is on the ground.  Was it windy or did the hat fly off through extreme effort in delivering a pitch?
I picked this Mike Torrez because I believe that it's the only card that shows him as an Oriole.
Kyle also sent this new to me Cal Ripken card. I used to despise Pacific when I was younger, now I really like the cards they put out. Each set was different and they always seemed to have some really cool inserts.
Thanks Kyle for the awesome trade!


  1. John Pacella's cap flew off with every pitch that he threw.

  2. Glad I could help with those Most Wanted cards. I appreciate all that you sent my way as well.