Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade with Patrick of Hot Corner Cards

A quicky trade post today.  I send Patrick of Hot Corner Cards some of my 2014 Topps Tigers that I pulled and he sent me some various Orioles cards that I needed.  Patrick has become a good trading buddy of mine and he didn't disappoint with this package.
There aren't a ton of Luis Aparicio Orioles cards out there.  I understand that he isn't normally associated with the Orioles since he only played a few seasons in Charm City.  Anyways, This manu-relic is actually from 2010 Topps.  I'm still not a huge fan of the manu-relics Topps shoves down our throats but this one is ok in my book.  I'm surprised at the amount of detail that is in this particular card.
Patrick also helped out with a few 2014 Topps Orioles needs.  He sent me a couple base cards as well as these 2 Wei-Yin Chen parallels.  The Robitussin-fractor will go in my Orioles Parallel-o-mania binder and the Gold bordered will go into my 2014 Orioles team sets binder.

I'm still in need of quite a few flagship, Heritage and Opening Day Orioles cards from this year and last year. My card collecting budget has been cut in half over the last year so I've almost stopped buying packs and hobby boxes just because new products are out.  I've had to become much more selective on what I buy and search for more deals.  I'm trying to get the most bang out of my buck if you will.  So if anybody has any Orioles cards from my lists that I need I'd love to trade with you especially if I've never traded with you before.  I love making new personal connections with people that read my blog!

Thanks Patrick for the great cards!

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  1. I don't like the manu-patches either but I like that one as well.