Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cal Ripken Cardboard Appreciation #4

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice You Crash the Game #CG4

This is another card I received recently from Cameron from the Reds and More Blog. As I was cataloging this card, I decided to take a closer look at the card and started to appreciate it a bit more. This scan really doesn't do the card justice. The background is quite shiny and has a "holo-foil" look to it that sparkles as you turn it different ways in the light.
According to the card back it was a mail in. It says "If the player on the front of the card hits a homerun on either of these dates listed, send it to Upper Deck and we'll send you a Super Premium card of your player." So I paraphrased a little bit, sue me.
Anyways, I know I've built the tension to the limit now. Everybody wants to know if Cal went yard on either of these days. Well, According to, on September 2nd 1996, Cal did not hit a homer, he "only" had a single and a walk enroute to a 12-8 win against the California Angels. September 3rd Cal also did not hit a dinger. He went 1 for 3 in a losing effort. September 4th the Orioles won 4-2 to take the series from the Angels on a 4 run outburst in the 6th inning. Cal did not homer in this game either. I guess that is why this card was never redeemed and ended up in my hands. Oh well a win for me!!!

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  1. I remember those type of promo cards. It was a nice tie in between cardboard and the games. They made you actually have to pay attention.