Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trade with Thorzul

A few weeks ago when I was sending out a few trades, I remembered trading some 09 UD X cards with Thorzul and that I had recently made an impulse purchase of a blaster of the same product at Wal-Mart. I decided to send him a "surprise package" filled with some of the cards he needs to complete his set. Here are some of the highlights of the return package:
2009 Topps Gold Luke Scott. My fiancee loves Luke because she says he has "the nicest ass in all of MLB". I like Luke Scott because he is one of the few true power threats in the Orioles lineup. I showed her this card and with her sense of humor, she said "this card shows off his best assets". I like the card because I've always liked the Gold parallels that Topps has inserted in their packs.

2009 Topps Finest Adam Jones. I picked this card because Adam has really rebounded in the latter part of the season. He really had a rough start to the season thinking he could hit anything pitched remotely close to the plate and looking just plain silly in the outfield. I was really starting to sour on him but he has turned it around and could set career highs in many of his offensive categories.
2009 Upper Deck Vladimir Guerrero. Besides Vlad having a great comeback year, I'm still building this set. Please help! I would love to put this one to bed. I've build all of the Upper Deck sets from 1989 thru 2008 and need just a few more cards to complete the entire run of licensed Upper Deck sets.

Thanks to Bill for sending a great return package. I truly enjoyed the cards!

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