Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Card Show pickups #1: Game Used and Autographs!!!

As many collectors that live in the mid Atlantic region know, this past weekend was the Collector's Showcase of America card show in Chantilly, Virginia. I was able to go on Friday the 15th. With my trusty "Wants Binder" in hand and plenty of cash I set out to find some great deals. Here is the first batch of cards from my weekend haul:

I was able to add some new GU's and autographs. I bargained my way to a $20 price tag for the above lot. I think I got a great deal on these cards!

My Favorite out of this group is definitely the Markakis Autograph. The Scan doesn't do it justice as it has a refractory-ish shine to it and I have always liked the Turkey Red design. I picked up the Snyder as an investment piece. I hope next year he can build on his sucess from his September call-up this year. The Ripken GU I thought was just a nice looking card with the American Flag and the retirement logo on it. I have no idea what set it is from. The copyright on the back says 2001, but has no card number or set anywhere on the card!!! If anybody has any clue what this card is, please let me know.

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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fleer-Cal-Ripken-60-Card-Glossy-Set-w-GU-Jersey-Base-/320601090184