Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recent eBay Pickup #4

Recently my interest in my player collection of Cal Ripken has greatly increased. As I looked through my binder, I noticed that my collection from 1982 to 1992 was pretty much in order. from 1993 to the present is where there are some blank spots. I began searching eBay for some of the more rare and valuable cards that had eluded me until now. Some of the first "blank" spots in my binder were these two:

When I was organizing the binder umpteen years ago I took the time to fill the spaces with bits of paper with the card. How cute! Well, now in those places I have these to put in the places:

I won each of these auctions for 99 cents a piece and 3 dollars shipping on the Score card and 2.50 on the Select card. I can't complain because the Score books for $25 and the Select books for $20!

I like the Select Stars card better because the front has a glittery effect that makes it more pleasing to the eye whereas "The Franchise" card has a rather drab background but does have a nice portrait on the back.

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