Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trade with Nick of Dime Boxes

I've been picking up a bunch of Gypsy Queen lately for my Orioles team sets recently and when I saw that Nick from Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey pulled a Ripken mini, I had to have it.  We turned this into a full blown trade.  Here's a couple of the cards he sent.
Here's the aforementioned Ripken mini.  It's just a regular back mini but that's fine by me.  It will fit nicely into the mini team set that I have going.  The only other that I've gotten is JJ Hardy, so if anybody has any other regular back minis of Orioles, you know who to contact.
Being a team collector and a Ripken collector, I will need another one of these regular minis along with any of the parallels.
I know I haven't said much about my One Card of Every Oriole collection but Nick was able to help me out with a few I needed.  Some Orioles players didn't have any cards featuring them in O's duds but luckily for me Mike Kinkade was featured on a couple that I know of.  He didn't spend long in Charm City but apparently was there when BJ Surhoff took a few year sabbatical playing for the Braves.  I only know this because Mike is wearing #17, BJ's number.
This Josh Towers card also goes into the binder with Kinkade.  I chose this specific card just because its orange.  Fleer Maximum did a great job of making the borders of each player's card the same as the team's primary color.    It's an underrated set for sure.
In making my list of wants for my One Card for Every Oriole collection I looked up each player that ever played for the Orioles on COMC, Ebay, Beckett Marketplace, and Google images and picked my favorite card of each player considering if it was an Oriole card overall, followed by the design, photo, other team (not many Yanks or Red Sox), cost effectiveness, and availability among other factors.  So every card that goes into this binder was painstakingly handpicked by me as a favorite. Yeah, I probably have too much time on my hands during the winter months.

So thanks Nick for the great cards.  I hope we can trade again soon!

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  1. Glad you liked them! I'm already looking forward to our next one!