Friday, September 14, 2012

Trade with Chris of Nachos Grande

This trade will be known as the body bag trade.  I sent Chris some '12 Allen and Ginter minis among other cards about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  He sent me a return package at the same time and I waited... and waited... and waited.  I know that Chris is an awesome trader so I started to think that something happened at the post office.  My suspicions were confirmed when I got the dreaded "USPS Body Bag" in my mailbox about a week ago.  I've seen some people luck out when their mail has been mishandled and all the cards were still inside the package.  Unfortunately for me, somewhere between western PA and Central VA, the entire bottom of the package was torn completely off.  The only thing left inside was his bumper sticker.  I contacted Chris about the issue and being the great trader/collector/blogger/human being he is, another package was sent my way.  He absolutely didn't have to send anything else but he did, and I thank him for his kindness.  Here's a couple of the cards that he sent:

The original package that got destroyed by the PO was supposed to have a bunch of these What's in a Name inserts from '12 A&G so he sent me six more to help me with the completion of my set.  These inserts are kinda interesting especially the middle names of some of the players!

Chris also threw in a few 2011 Topps Attax Orioles cards into the mix.  I've never really taken a liking to the "gaming" baseball cards.  I mean, come on they have rounded edges though its hard to see in this scan.  Attax was an attempt by Topps to try and get the pokemon and yu-gi-yo kids to buy baseball cards.  I guess that plan didn't really work out since I haven't seen a 2012 version of Attax.  Us bloggers have tons of ways to get kids interested in cards again, just Topps isn't listening with their ears open!

Why am I showing two cards from 1991 Donruss?  2 answers here:

1. It's my blog
2. It's because Devereaux and Milligan are wearing the orange jerseys.  It seems almost too perfect that the Orioles become a winning team the same year they bring the Orange jersey back!

Thanks Chris for sending the replacement package and the awesome cards that were inside!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the "body bag" but kudos to Chris for being the good guy he is.

    I've been fortunate with cards, I think all of my trades have been received, a few of the things I've ordered from sportlots or ebay have been messed up but I haven't had any card "body bags".

    Years ago I did receive a "body bag" that really ticked me off. I was supposed to have gotten a t-shirt from the then "Q-107" radio station here in DC, but got the body bag instead.