Saturday, July 20, 2013

Card Show Pickups: The Chunks

I'm a dime box diver and I always find plenty of good stuff in them.  Everything you see pictured in this post cost me 1 dime.  I titled this post "The Chunks" because I was able to find large chunks of several of these sets and "rescue" them from dime box obscurity.  
This Floyd Robinson from 1968 Topps was the oldest card I purchased at the show.  I didn't find a whole chunk of 1968 Topps but hey, vintage cards for a dime.  It's a steal in my book! Look at the condition of this card!  Its probably Near Mint!
I did grab a huge chunk of 1970 Topps.  Most of them don't have any creases and only minimum corner wear.  No huge names in the pile but I couldn't just leave these cards in that box when they cost only 10 cents.
I also pulled cards from just about every year in the 70s out of those boxes.  All in pretty decent shape too!
I guess this card would be my best of the bunch.  I actually have a decent stack of 79's toward a set.  I posted a list on my Set Wantlists tab.
Out of the future sets I'm building, I think 1980 is the next biggest stack I have.  Not enough to write up a list yet but a healthy stack that I can add this Carew to.
I also found a nice stack of 2006 Allen and Ginter in the boxes.  These 2 guys were the biggest stars of the bunch.  It's amazing how many of the other guys in the stack are not even playing anymore.  If anybody needs any 2006 A&G, let me know and I'll go thru the stack for you.

So I added some girth to my 70's Topps stacks toward my sets that I'll build one of these days.  They aren't a big priority right now so I'll just keep chipping away adding cards as I find them on the cheap.

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