Monday, May 17, 2010

Squinty McBigtooth

Garrett Atkins I am done with you. You are statistically the worst 1st baseman in the American League. I wish you had never come to Baltimore to play for our team. I am tired of watching your really killing 35-hopper worm burner double play ground balls. I am sick of seeing you take up space on the Orioles roster. Enjoy your time in Baltimore, because most likely this will be the last time you play in the Bigs.


  1. Ouch, and agreed. Did you hear Reimold is now playing 1B in the minors? I said last year that they should make either him, or Scott into a first baseman.

  2. I really hope Reimold sticks at first. When Roberts comes back, move Wiggy to 3rd, Tejada to SS, get rid of cesar "worthless" izturis, and garret fatkins.

  3. Damn... Guess ya don't like Atkins...