Sunday, March 18, 2012

Group Break Loot from the Daily Dimwit

I love group breaks.  I try to get into as many as I can as long as it fits into my card budget.  The Daily Dimwit has been running a bunch of breaks lately and the most recent one had some intriguing products I missed out on in the past.
I'll consider this break a success since I didn't have the Cal Ripken from the set.    I really like the texture of the cards from this set since they actually feel like real paintings.  I can say the artist did a great job capturing Cal's likeness unless Playoff used some sort of photoshop filter.  Way better than some of those National Chicle abominations from a couple years ago.
Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs is another set  I wasn't very familiar with until it showed up in Sam's break.  I'm pretty happy with these 2 Orioles since it encompasses the entire team set!  I'm sure there are variations of the foil signatures if I know Upper Deck cards. (see '90s Collectors Choice sets)
I only got one Oriole from the Standing O box but that's ok.  2003 was kind of a skunky year for the Orioles being featured on cardboard.  It's still a nice looking set regardless.  Hopefully I can track down Rodrigo Lopez and Daniel Cabrera to complete the team set.

So I didn't hit anything big time but I'm still happy with my spot.  I addition to the Orioles I also had the Blue Jays as my second random team.  I'm not going to show them here to keep the cards shrouded in mystery until they get to one of my trading buddies.


  1. Awesome Cal card. Reading your blog has definitely helped me become more educated/aware of cards in the years I have been out of the hobby. Keep up the good work! Let me know if you wanna trade again in the near future. Go O's!!!!!

  2. Yeah, 2002-2003 were the dark days of Orioles cards. Really hard to find much of interest in those years. The ones you got look pretty sharp, though. What a game last night, huh? I ended up messing around with the fist tank, so I didn't catch the end, but Mike Wright was legit.

  3. I once ran across a guy that ONLY collected "Grey Haired Cal Ripken" cards. I wonder whatever happened to him? lol