Monday, March 19, 2012

Trade with blog reader Brendan

This is my second trade with Brendan.  This time he needed a bunch of 2011 Topps inserts and promised to send me a ton of semi-vintage cards from his Diamond Giveaway portfolio.  I'm slowly acquiring cards from 74 thru 80 in hopes of building these sets in the near future.
This card of Joe Kerrigan will not be making it into the 1979 set that I will build.  This card is going in my new "One Card for Every Oriole" binder.  I've been working with fellow Orioles collector Ryan from the Great Orioles Autograph Project with getting the debut dates straight.  I'm now using that list to try and collect a card of every one of the 910 players to wear the O's uniform in a regular season game.  I haven't gotten the wantlist up yet, but look for it soon!

I don't know why I like this card so much but I just do.  Maybe its the batting cage.  Maybe its Sal squinting from the bright sun in his eyes reminding me of summer.  I don't know.
I like this shot of Fred because of the Padres vintage uni.  Why the heck is he sitting out in the middle of a pasture?  Why the heck aren't there any cows in the background?
1980 Topps is one of my all-time favorite designs.  Something about the simple design I guess.  I had never heard of Ted Martinez before this card showed up in my mailbox.  I wonder how he kept his hat on during windy days?

Thanks Brendan for the cards and raising my curiosities about them!

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  1. Ted Martinez must be Oscar Gamble's 2nd cousin once removed or maybe he idolized ol' Oscar's marvelous fro. Awesome card! Nice trade