Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trade with Ryan of Ryan's Pitch

I recently made a trade with the blogger that was voted most likely non-blogger to start blogging for the year 2011 (totally unofficial and made up by me).  Yes I'm talking about Ryan LaMonica from his new blog Ryan's Pitch.  He contacted me about some 2012 Topps inserts he was interested in adding to his collection.  I obliged and even sent him some 1991 Fleer cards he needed for his set.  Anyways,  I can't wait to show you the highlights of the cards he sent in return:
Melvin Mora's autograph has eluded me for some time now.  I wasn't able to catch him in person, TTM, card shows, or even pack pulls.  Curious.  Now I can say that I do have Melvin's autograph and a piece of his jersey.  The card looks 18.678 times better in person as plastic doesn't seem to scan very well.  Yeah the card is made mostly of plastic!
This is a great addition to my collection.  It's an Oriole, and autograph, and on-card!  Sweet!  I've gotten Spoone's autograph in person before at the Flying Skunks Squirrels game when the Bowie Baysox came to visit.  This is the rare black bordered version #'49/52 as opposed to the white bordered un-numbered version.
This card was quite a surprise.  It fits nicely into my new "One Card for Every Oriole" project.  I don't own many 1973 Topps other than Orioles cards.  BTW, Doyle was the 274th Oriole to suit up and play in a game for them.  On an aside, i remember ripping 1990 Topps and getting his card and looking at the back and thinking "This guy has been around for ever!"

Thanks Ryan for the nice trade.  I can't wait for our next swap! 

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  1. Awesome Melvin auto!! That is a sweet card. Your mission to collect every Oriole on card is a great idea. I'll let you know if I find some vintage and give u first dibs.