Thursday, July 19, 2018

This Mike Trout stuff with the Commissioner....

I would personally like to tell the Manfred to actually do some work to promote MLB and lay off Mike Trout.

How about get rid of the blackout rules so that I can see my hometown team play when I buy MLB.TV?

How about starting the games a little earlier in the evening so that "kids" can watch them before they have to go to bed?

How about promoting other teams other than the Yankees and Red Sox?  Even their fans have opened their eyes and are sick of their overpromotion!

I'm not afraid to say I'm a Mike Trout fan.  I enjoy the way he goes about his business playing the game the way it is meant to be played.  He plays the game hard and he plays just about everyday.  Baseball is the hardest pro sport to play. Period.  You fail 70 percent of the time and you're an all-star.  It's a grind.

Manfred has some balls to call out Trout for not self-promoting himself and promoting MLB more.  Screw you Commish... Mike is not a glory-hound or narcissist like Lebron James, that other Lakers guy with the loud mouth dad, or Tom Brady. Those 3 jokers play 1 or 2 easier games a week and have time to shoot a McDonalds commercial, design their own shoes, or galavant around New York city with their 16 kids and supermodel wife.  Meanwhile, Trout just finished a 14 inning game at 1:30 in the morning and needs to be at the park at 9 the next morning to play another game at 1 in 90 degree heat before getting on a plane to the opposite coast to play a weekend series.

Manfred is way off base making the comments he did.  He obviously sees dollar signs instead of human beings.  He doesn't know anything about baseball.

I applaud Mike Trout taking the high road and putting out a simple statement saying that the whole thing is overblown and HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY BASEBALL. At the end of the season, he just wants to go home kiss his wife, hug his kids and go fishing, not bask in the glory of all of his accomplishments.  I honestly think he could care less about establishing his brand he just wants to be a Husband, Father, and baseball player.  Kudos to you Mike and I wish you were on the Orioles.

Article I read that got me fired up:

See you all in about 4 more years....