Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buy Some Stuff

I just recently sent a ton of cards to COMC and today they finally were finally done processing and I could add prices to them.  A lot of them are priced to sell with very reasonable prices.  I added a Gadget in my sidebar with links to my portfolio.  Check them out, even though most of them you might recognize from my Trade Bait Blowout from last fall.

I also have started selling off some of my complete sets on Ebay.  The link is also in the same box as the COMC.   There will be many more in the coming weeks so please check back if you think you might be interested in some complete sets.   I will be listing the rest of my Upper Deck Sets thru 2009 and my entire run of Bowman and Bowman Draft Picks from 1989 thru 2012.  I'm still undecided on what to do with my Allen and Ginter sets.  I know I need to complete them if I intend to sell them so I might just keep them for now. I've decided to keep my Topps sets that date back all the way from 1981 up to the present.  I'll be using some of the cash that I make to work on the Topps sets from 1974 thru 1980 that I temporarily abandoned along as well as finishing off those Ginter sets.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trade with Pat of Hot Corner Cards

I've recently been finding a couple new blogs to read and Hot Corner Cards is one of them. Pat and I swapped some cards recently.  I sent him a gaggle of 84 Topps and he sent me a ton of Orioles cards.
This What's in a Name goes in the Brooks binder.  It's hard to believe that with as many Ginter fanatics as there are on the blogs, that I'm still missing a few of these for my set.
My scanner gave this card a gangsta lean for some reason.  Relax though, the card is in good shape.  With all of the great arms in Orioles camp right now(about 10 candidates for the starting rotation), Liz would probably be relegated to the minor league camp as aweful as he was when he pitched for the O's.
From a crummy pitcher to a Golden Great pitcher, we have a nice insert of Jim Palmer from last years Update series.  Topps can really screw up some insert set numbers and create some headaches for set completionists.  Golden Greats is a good example of that.  Also check out the Dynamic Duos too.  Your head might start spinning around, Exorcist style.
I always appreciate Brady Anderson cards.  Topps Stars was an underrated set in the late 90's I think.  Some interesting designs I think.
The crown Jewel of the trade is probably this 1954 Bob Turley.  Sure it's a little worn but it looks perfect in my One Card of Every Oriole binder.

Thanks Pat for the nice stack of cards, I hope to trade again one day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress

I haven't had much in the way of trade chatter recently.  Nor have I had a whole lot of energy or ambition to put up a decent post (not that I do anyways).  But I did finish a PWE trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress the other day.  He posted his break of 2013 Topps Series 1 packs and came up with this Chris Davis Gold border.

I had to have it so I sent him a blue refractor of Kate Justin Upton from last year's Bowman Chrome for it.

It seems like Series 1 was a long time ago.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trade with Brian of 30 Year Old Cardboard

I haven't had a bunch of trades coming in like I normally do but the ones I have had were pretty epic.  This particular trade comes from Brian over at 30-year-old Cardboard.  We exchanged several emails and a trade was born.  I was able to help him out with several cards he needed and I was able to rake in a few nice Oriole HOFers.  Behold:
I will assume that Brian grabbed this card on the cheap at the monthly card show he attends.  I love the look of high end cards (usually) but have only once ever spent more than 5 dollars for a single pack of cards.  Tier One is not a set I indulged in but now I don't have to since I have this Brooks Robinson.  The "cloud" that he's hovering in reminds me of a Looney Tunes daydream or thought bubble.
From modern to vintage!  Another nice Brooks card for the PC Binder!  Can't beat the condition on this card either!

Brian didn't send me all Brooks cards but it is another Robinson.  This Frank goes into my PC binder of him since I already had it for my team set.

Thanks Brian for the awesome cards!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swing the F'ing bats USA

All of the All-Stars on that team and they can't score more than 1 freakin' run!  What a waste of the last 3 and a half hours of my life watching offensive ineptitude.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun with 2013 Topps Heritage: Something Smells Bad

Today is a new day and I'm still not a fan of Topps Heritage of any year.  I know there are some people who probably won't even look at this post because the first Fun with 2013 Topps Heritage post got my blog unfollowed!  Anyways, if you like Heritage, good for you, collect what you like, just save your Orioles for me!  I just wish that Topps would put out one reprint design set a year. Archives would be my choice because they do several different designs.  That would open up a "spot" to bring back Stadium Club with the full bleed photo cards.  Topps doesn't have a non-premium, non-bordered set that I know of.  If I'm wrong, please correct me!
Anyways, while searching for 2013 Topps Heritage Nick Markakis cards, I noticed in both his Relic and Base cards, it looks like he got a good whiff of JJ Hardy's cleats.  Take a look:

At first look, I thought it was the same pose used for both cards but he doesn't have a bat on his shoulder on the base card!  Put your damn shoes back on James Jerry!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fun with 2013 Topps Heritage: Let's Play Look Alike

I'm not a big fan of Topps Heritage of any year but when I saw this cranium posted all over the interwebs, I couldn't resist:

The card of Kevin Youkilis reminds me of:

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trade with David the Rhubarb Runner

I'm dipping my toes back into the trading pool again.  This trade comes to me from David, the Twins fan who runs the "e rayhahn, rayhahn" blog.  He's better known as the Rhubarb Runner and also as the guy who always sends in the correct answer to the Twins Trivia question of the game.  David actually solicited this trade asking me if I had accumulated any new Twins stuff since our last trade.  Does an addict buy new packs of cards?

He sent me a giant stack of 38 2008 UD Documentary cards.  I don't consider cards from the Documentary set as player cards as much as I do team cards.  They never put the players names on the front with the picture and the write up on the back doesn't even mention the pictured player most times. I still like the idea of the set though as it lets you relive the entire season one game at a time once the team set is completed.  Speaking of the team set I'm a lot closer now but I've still got a ways to go.  Can anybody else out there help me?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ripped from the Headlines #3

I'm on my lunchbreak at work right now.  I opened up Yahoo's home page and there was a story on there that caught my eye:

Ken Griffey Jr. calls fan in Kansas who had items stolen from extensive baseball card collection

I've always been a fan of The Kid and I sort of grew up with him like the collector featured in the story that had his collection stolen.  He's always been a class act and it's cool to see that he took some time out to make a fan's day.

Also major props to Roberto Clemente Jr. and also Wichita State's basketball coach Gregg Marshall for their parts in the story.

One final point about the article that I took away is the motto that Roberto Clemente lived by:

"If you have the opportunity to make things better, and you don't, then you're wasting your time on Earth."

If you don't know anything else about Roberto Clemente other than how he died, you would understand this quote. That doesn't even say anything about how awesome of a baseball player he was!  If more people lived by this motto, the world would be such a better place!