Monday, June 27, 2011

Card Show Pickups: GU Edition

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the Inside Pitch show in Raleigh, NC this past weekend. I got many, many great cards but I'm only going to show the Game Used cards in this post. I lucked out and found a vendor who was doing his last show before retiring to Hawaii. I was able to scoop up all 4 of the following cards from him for a great price:
This one is from 2005 Upper Deck Trilogy. Notice that it is serial numbered 20/99.
I really like this one because of the orange swatch. I haven't seen a lot of Ripken GU's that have an orange jersey piece.
Here's my first Eddie Murray Game Used card. This is a really nicely done card by Upper Deck in 2004 SP Legendary Cuts. I'm really digging the Gold Stamped cartoon bird logo.
This one is perfectly round, but I think it is too skinny to be the handle of the bat. This card reminds me of a dollar bill because of the green motif of the card.
I also picked up this one from William. I added the random piece of dust that you can see on the jersey piece. I might keep this one or trade it for the right offer.


  1. Awesome finds. That bat chunk has a lot of personality. I'm jealous, and very curious of what the great price was. Secrets...

  2. Nice orange GU of Ripken. Card companies should add more color to there relic cards. I know its an old complaint but, Topps can pick its game up.

  3. The Ripken Classic Numbers is a just plain pretty card!

  4. That Murray looks pretty sweet. I like the older Legendary Cats cards... Might have to get a box of them at some point.

  5. Nice cards. I was wondering where you went to a show--I don't know of any decent shows that are coming up in the MD/DC/NOVA area anytime soon.

  6. No idea if I have anything to offer for it, but I am interested in the Pujols.

    And the orange Cal is damn sweet.