Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Card Show Pickups: Vintage Edition

I went to the card show with a clear goal of putting a dent into my Vintage Orioles list. A lot of what I saw at the show were too nice for my collection and they were a little bit more that I was willing to pay. I found one vendor that had 2 monster boxes of "1 dollar" deals". I think I accomplished my goal by adding 26 cards for 20 bucks! They all ranged in the 1959 to 1964. I got (4) 1959's, (14) 1960's, (1) 1962, (6) 1964's and (1) 1967. Here's my favorites of coup de grace:
Hank Bauer was the first Orioles Manager to deliver a World Series win in Baltimore. I think he is more known for playing in all those years with the Yankees.
This card is a semi-hi number shortprint of a player I know little about. The back of the card shows he had some pop in 1963. He hit 31 home runs for Toronto when they were in the International League.
While searching through the 1964's I stumbled upon a beat up version of this card. Luckily I was able to dig this one out a little bit later down the row. None of my vintage cards are in great shape but probably average in the VG range.
Bob Boyd was the Orioles first baseman for a few seasons. The trivia on the back says that Bob had never hit below .300 in any complete season (to that point, obviously).
I've seen this card several times before but it was either in such crappy condition, or was badly off-center. This one is a good mix of condition, centering and price. I love the stands of Memorial Stadium in the background.

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  1. Lou Jackson only played a handful of games with the O's in '64. He has a rookie stars card in the '59 set that I have cued up for posting. You gotta see the last line of his Baseball Reference Bullpen entry:
    "An alcoholic, he was known as a hustling, defensively-minded outfielder."