Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trade with Rod of Padrographs

This was a quick trade with Rod. Rod runs the fantastic blog Padrographs. Anything you need to know about Padres players, this is your blog!

Anyways, like I said, this was a smallish, quick trade but a good one none the less. He sent me these two cards:
While I wasn't much of a Peak Performances fan last year, I definitely like the idea behind them better than that Topps 60 crap that came out this year.

Two nice relics of the Orioles budding young stars.

Jonesy continues to improve even though he went 0 for the series in Toronto. He even admits that he hates playing in Toronto. Playing indoors is just plain wrong

Markakis has regressed this year. He's not hitting for power or for average. While he still plays great defense, he just isn't hitting. My theory is that he looks too damn skinny. Really, he doesn't looked as bulked up as in years past. Eat a steak, Nick!

Thanks again Rod for the nice trade. I hope you enjoyed your printing plate!

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