Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trade with William of Foul Bunt

I went to a card show in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend. I was able to meet up with William from Foul Bunt who had a few tables of cards for sale there. After a few emails earlier in the week, we both agreed that we would bring our Orioles trade boxes and hammer out a deal in person. So, with the crowd thinning out later in the day, I was finally able to get a chance to sit down and get some trading done with him. Here's the new additions to my collection:
These two pitching prospects never really turned out for the O's but these are really nice cards and I'm happy to have them in my condition. Both are on-card and I'm really starting to lean towards them and away from the dreaded silver band-aid stickers.
I've been after this card for a while now. It actually was on my top 10 list on my sidebar for a couple of months. I guess the reason I wanted it so bad is because it put the final touches on my 1999 Topps team set. I really liked 1999 Topps because of the design but most people don't care for it. It was plain and simple. I think the only thing it should have had was a Team Logo instead of the script.
Here is a card that William and I had a nice little conversation about. We both raved about how much promise Larry had as an Orioles farmhand and how he really got mixed up in some bad things (steroids) when he was trying to establish himself in the Big Leagues. I was really disappointed to see his name on the infamous Mitchell Report because he was the first real prospect that I followed from the time he was drafted.
Here's a trio of Topps Gold Orioles who sparkled from some time as Orioles and them flamed out pretty quickly. I'm getting pretty close on some of these Gold team sets so if you have any I need, I'd really like to trade for them.There were some pretty obscure Orioles in William's box of traders. Regardless Mark Eichhorn, Mark Lewis, and Andy van Slyke were all needed to fill spots in my binders. Not Pictured: Matt Nokes!
I rounded out the trade with a nice looking A&G Tejada relic card. This card will go nicely with the Brian Roberts relic that I have of the same year. I wonder if Topps has figured out how to get these relics to stop moving around inside the frame. It seems they figured it out and did a good job with Gypsy Queen so we'll see in a few weeks if Ginter will follow suit.
Thanks to William for taking time at the show to work on this trade with me. It was nice to sit down and talk some baseball with a fellow blogger in person.


  1. I had a great time, man. You forgot to mention that we had to postpone our initial discussion due to a freak power outage... Hard to look at cards in the dark, haha.

    Glad you liked everything. Oh, seriously... I had a Matt Nokes O's card? Really? Wow, I DO have some obscure stuff...

  2. Mark Lewis has an Orioles card? I want to know more about that one.