Friday, August 9, 2013

Multiple Trade Post pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday's trade post, I have a couple more smaller scale trades to show off. Lets jump right in:
This was a classic PWE deal.  Oscar from the All Trade Bait, All the Time blog sent me these 2 Orioles legends for a coupe cards he saw from my trade page.
Judson from the My Cardboard Habit blog sent me a nice stack of Orioles cards I needed from my wantlist well as a few for my PC's including this Blue Dylan Bundy card from Topps flagship.  I sure wish there were more than 3 images of Dylan floating around because Topps has pumped out his cards this year with the same 3 pictures taken nano seconds apart all year long.
  See what I mean.  He needs to get back to pitching soon so they can snap some more pics of him!
Doug from the Buck Store Cards sent me some much needed help on 2013 Bowman as well as a few cards from 1979 Topps!  In the last 3 images, you have nearly seen the entire Topps library of Dylan Bundy Photos.  
Jack AKA Baseball Dad sent me this 2013 Bowman Hometown paralell. Man, I hope this guy comes back strong.  If not, I'm going to be sitting on a pile of useless cardboard.  While his injury caused his cards to take a small hit in terms of value, it means that I'm picking up all I can while he is rehabbing at a discount.  I love discounts!
Chen has come back strong from the DL.  He just seems to have trouble pitching in the 7th inning.

Thanks again to all of the great trades you guys have sent me!

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