Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Topps Mini Group Break Update

I know it seems like a million years ago since I announced that I would be holding a Group Break for the 2013 Topps Minis.  Well, only about 2 weeks but you get the idea.  All 15 regular slots have been claimed and I thank each and every participant for doing so.  I have not requested payment yet since I wanted to get the cards ordered first before I could accurately calculate all the costs.  I seriously have been checking the Topps website like every 2 or 3 hours for the last week and a half trying to figure out when they would finally be released for sale.
 I originally thought that they would be released at the same time the National opened this last Wednesday.  Made sense but I was wrong.  OK, give the customers that went to the National the first crack at the product.  I understand.
Then I thought maybe the next day since Wednesday was the sneak peek.  Nope! Wrong Again!
OK, How about Monday when the National was over and the customers that showed up there's exclusive buying opportunity was gone.  HA!  Wrong Again!
Maybe Tuesday when new release movies and CD's come out.  Longshot, but I was still wrong!
Wednesday, the traditional release date for most of Topps' card releases was most certainly going to be the day.  Strike 5! BUT!  I finally found out the release date!

The boxes will be available for sale on Friday August 9th!  So I guess once I make the order on Friday, they probably won't be shipped until Monday.  I'm hoping to start busting them by the end of next week (if everything goes as I hope it does).

So to all the participants, expect to see an email from me at some point on Friday with the total cost for your slot.  I think I can finally do the second team randomizations at some point on Sunday.  I will allow trading of those second teams right up until the first batch of packs gets ripped later next week.

Remember, some of you earned a dollar discount for joining both mine and Judson's breaks.  By my count, it looks like he's got 2 more slots open but I'd hurry because it looks like his A&G boxes are on their way to his house right now and he's ready to bust some packs!

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