Monday, November 27, 2023

2023 Topps Chrome Update Value box pack 1

 I like to dip my foot into nearly every product that Topps releases on the retail side.  It gives me some good trade bait and also you never know what you'll hit.  Anyways, here's pack 1 followed by my off-color Christmas song of the night.  Enjoy!

Nothing crazy in the first pack but a decent Yoshida '88 Topps and Gallen ASG insert. Now please enjoy this soon to be yuletide classic:


  1. I just typed in my Chrome Update Dodgers want list. ... I think I'm already sick of Michael Busch cards.

  2. That video made my day! I play a little game every year where I see how long into the Christmas season I can go without hearing Mariah sing...

    1. That depends on what you consider the Christmas season. If you go into a retail store around Labor Day, you'd believe it begins in September. If you're a normal person like me (lol) it doesn't begin until after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.