Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bowman Retail Bug

So in an effort to fill out my base set and prospects set I've bought a metric ton of 2011 Bowman rack packs. Searching various forums, the blogs, and trusting my own gut, I've determined that rack packs are the way to go with just about any product. This year's Bowman is no exception. These things are loaded! I've feel that I've been extremely lucky with my pulls so results are not typical. Here's some of the goods that I've pulled out of roughly 20 rack packs from various stores around my area (2 different Wal-Marts and 2 different Targets).

Here's the 4 autographs I've been fortunate to pull. I think Choice might be the best out of the bunch but I'm happy to have them all.
Here's a few of my Army of Green parallels. Why did Topps number them to 450?

I got a few Orange and Blue parallels too:

And the Internationals I got. I'm pretty happy to get the Matusz so I don't have to chase that one down on eBay.
I pulled 4 purple refractors but 1 was a double of the Red Sox guy (of course)
and one regular refractor
I also was able to get lucky and get 6 Bryce Harpers. 3 Chromes and 3 regular prospect cards. I'm keeping 1 chrome and 2 regulars so the others are for trade. The crazy thing is after getting none in my HTA box, my first rack pack yielded a Chrome and a base in the same pack!

I've got a bunch of inserts that I am too tired and lazy to list here so if you are looking for a specific player, please leave a comment.

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  1. I'd love to get a Harper from you Chrome or regular, which ever, and the orange beachy.

    I agree that rack packs are the way to go, but my area is out of those, bummer.