Friday, May 13, 2011

Trade with Ted of Crinkly Wrappers

Ted and I have been trading partners for about a year now and I believe this is the 3rd card swap we've completed. Ted always seems to have some great Orioles cards for me and I usually can fit the bill with something that he likes. Ted bought a hobby box of Gypsy Queen from his LCS and the cardboard gods really shined on him. Check out his good luck Hobby Box right here. Well if you checked out the link, you could probably figure out what cards I was interested in. Here's a scan for those of you who may be too lazy to click the link:
That's not all of the relic goodness he sent me either:
I've been fond of Bo Jackson since I was a little boy. I can only imagine what he could have been if he hadn't gotten hurt playin that "foosball". A bunch of overgrown gorillas manhandling each other....
This is my second Javy relic card but first bat card. I enjoyed his time in Baltimore near the end of his career. I guess all those years of punishment donning the tools of ignorance finally took its toll and his playing days ended in the blink of any eye.
One of my favorite sets in recent memory is 2009 Topps 206 (the 2010 version was total crap though). This autograph hails from that set. I have several TTMs of Koji where he only signs his first name. All of the certified autographs I've seen have his entire name spelled out.
I'll round out this trade with a vintage goodie. A 1957 Topps Willie Miranda. I haven't had many vintage additions to my collection lately so I'm glad to have this card.

A big thanks to Ted for the awesome trade package. I can't wait to do another trade with you!

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