Friday, May 27, 2011

Trade with Dan of the Other World

Along with the group break cards that I posted yesterday, Dan also sent along some cards to complete our trade that we agreed upon during the packs being busted. Here's a few of the nice ones:
This Aubrey Huff from 2009 Finest finishes of my team set. I'm interested to see how this year's Finest turns out.
It sure is neat to see Arthur Rhodes still around. I think this year he's pitching for Texas. I know earlier in his career when he was with the O's he was a starter but he sure didn't his his stride until converting to a bullpen arm.
And here's a nice Ripken that I didn't have before. I have the Chrome version but I actually like this one better. It just looks better as the regular version.

Thanks to Dan for the nice cards.

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