Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take a Closer Look at your 2011 Bowman cards

One of my favorite things about Bowman is the Scouting Reports on the backs of the cards. I like the Resume part that tells about what the player has done in the past, the Skills portion that tells about the player's tools and specifically the Up Close Portion. I'm going to hold just a little contest for fun.

Go look at the backs of your 2011 Bowman Prospects cards and find the oddest or coolest fact that you can and post it here. Post it here along with the card # and the player. Also feel free to add a snarky comment or two

I'm not giving away any prizes but I think everybody can have some fun with this.

Here's an example of the one I found:

BP73 Kevin Rivers..... Says he is afraid of birds. (I hope he never gets traded to the Jays, Orioles or Cardinals)


  1. I don't blame him. I was playing the outfield in a high school game and got pooped on by a bird flying overhead.

  2. I love reading the backs of Bowman cards from the past to see how accurate the scouting reports are.