Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trade with Cam of The Bullpen Cardboard

I have traded with Cam before and when he saw a post of my lamenting about how slow things were on the trade front for me, he offered to send me some cards of the Orange and Black to get the ball moving again. I sent him some nice Astros cards and here is a sampling of the goodies he sent me back:
I was really excited to see this card pop out of the package! Get well Nick (at the time I'm posting this, he is fighting the flu).
This is an interesting card of the Tim Raines JR. Cam got this card In Person at an Independent League game. I'm happy to give it a good home.
I've just recently taken a liking to Donruss Team Heroes. The sets have a pretty decent mix of old stars and modern (early 2000's) players. Sort of like Gypsy Queen... but not really.
Also, I've taken a liking to UD 40-Man. I guess I just like having sets that have the entire teams.
And this card just because it's my blog and I can. The Thrill is wearing a great # (12 was/is the number I wore/wear on my back when I play/played)

Thanks again Cam for the trade!

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