Thursday, April 5, 2012

Card Show Report: The Vintage

Continuing with my card show haul from last weekend, here's the vintage cards I picked up for my One Card of Every Oriole collection.  I started this collection for 3 reasons: 
1.) Obviously to collect a card of every Oriole to play in a game.  
2.) Not all of the players that suited up for the O's had and Orioles card issued.  The collection gives me the chance to broaden my horizons past just Orioles cards and collect cards of the players on other teams.
3.) It gives me a way to collect some awesome vintage cards even before the Orioles were the Orioles.

Both of these cards are from 1949 Bowman.
 The card on the left is Oriole #10 Dick Kokos.  He debuted in Charm City in the Orioles 1st game as a pinch hitter.
The card on the right is Oriole #28 Dave Koslo.  He's pictured here as a New York Giant.  Dave also pitched for the Orioles in 1954 but his debut came on May 6th.
Here's my 1951 Bowman Ted Gray.  Ted played with the Orioles towards the end of the 1955 season after he was released by the Yankees.  His stats were uninspiring with and 8.22 ERA in 9 games.  After he was released by the Orioles, he never played in the majors again.
Moving on to 1952 Bowman we have Walter "Hoot" Evers.  I love that his nickname is Hoot.  Players just don't get sweet nicknames like that anymore.  Hoot gained the nickname because of his love of a popular Film Cowboy named Richard "Hoot" Gibson who made about 75 short films when Walter was a boy.  Now you know!
I already had Mike Blyzka's card but I picked this one because it was Mike's only appearance as an Oriole on cardboard.  I really like the 1954 Topps set and I picked up both of these on the cheap.  I think one thing that jumps out at me from Ray Murray's card is the awesome Athletics logo.  A White Elephant!
Here we have two 1961 Topps cards of Topps All-Star Rookies Ron Hansen and Chuck Estrada.  I chose these cards for my binder since they were cost effective and they prominently displayed the Rookie Cup.  I didn't like the 1961 Topps set but it has grown on me as time has passed.


  1. Awesome posts Ryan It looks like the card show was very good to you (except for the Sterling pack, I wish you had better luck with that) Thanks for showing us all the cool stuff man!

  2. I think I might need to do something like this. I pass by every single vintage table at shows. Collecting a card of every single Phillie ever seems daunting, but I might think of something else to incorporate vintage into my collection...