Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good News Comes in Bunches

Well at least in 2's.  Adam aka Spankee, the genius behind "My Cardboard Mistress" announced his good news earlier today so I'm going to make another life changing announcement of my own.

Last week, the wifey and I got some good news.  We bought our first house!  We put in an offer on a house in mid-March and had it accepted by the homeowner and bank.  The real thing that makes the whole process incredible is that the house was a short sale.  Anybody who has dealt with a short sale before knows that they can take a long time to get approved.  Friends of ours had to wait 6 months for approval!  Ours went through in a little over 2 weeks.

We're both really stoked about moving into OUR house.  I actually own the house we live in but we have simply outgrown it.  We are only 2 people and a very energetic boxer named Heidi.  For the 3 living beings in the 980 sq.ft house, we have a lot of things.  I will now get my own mancave where I can have all of my baseball cards, collectables, and video games in its own dedicated room!


  1. I'll take the 2 Piazzas off your hands! Dec. '93 and July '96 , thanks!

  2. I would love to have:
    September 1993 Darren Daulton/Albert Belle
    August 1995 Frank Thomas/Mike Schmidt
    October 1995 Mickey Mantle
    October 2006 Ryan Howard
    November 2006 Mickey Mantle
    January 2007 Ryan Howard
    December 2010 Derek Jeter/Roy Halladay
    June 2011 Ichiro/Cliff Lee

    Beckett Baseball Card Plus
    July/August 2004 Mickey Mantle

  3. Crap, Congrats on the new house. I've got a little over 1000 square and share it with my wife and 4 dogs. 2 65-70 lbs and 2 35-40 lbs.

  4. Glad you had some great news, too!

    I have a few requests:

    March 2005 David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez
    February 2006 Ryan Zimmerman
    September 2006 Justin Upton
    BBCPlus:October/November 2006 Jered Weaver, Papelbon, Verlander, Liriano

    I'll check through your wantlists and see what orioles I have that I can send your way.

  5. Hey Ryan I would love the oldest ones you could let go. Years 1991 to 1996 would be great. I can send you cards or paypal you for shipping! Just let me know!! An assortment of 10 to 15 works for me. Thanks and please email me at

  6. Sorry, I forgot to add that any Orioles covers or articles would be preferable too. Actually I would be willing to take as many as you could send my way. I am a sucker for reading old Becketts I had as a kid. Thanks again!

  7. Oh goodness gracious. I absolutely do not need more junk in my house but I have been coveting that Jason Heyward issue since it came out. I'll e-mail ya.

  8. February 2001 Ben Sheets
    June 2001 Josh Hamilton
    May 2003 Tom Glavine
    BBCP: November/December 2005 Jeff Francoeur

    I will find something to send your way!

  9. Hey man. Congrats again. I'll take the set building issue. One of my favorites.

  10. Congratulations! Buying our house a couple of years ago still remains the biggest life changing event that my wife and I have gone through since our wedding.

  11. if you don't need shipping, i'd like the following:

    October 2001 Luis Gonzalez
    August 2009 Bryce Harper
    March 2010 Joe Mauer/Stephen Strasburg
    August 2010 Halladay, Lincecum, Sabathia/Strasburg
    January 2011 Tim Lincecum/Josh Hamilton
    April 2012 Bryce Harper

    thanks! i'll join your site so you can pm me...

    1. please email me, I can not contact you through the email address you have attached to your account

  12. if you can i'd appreciate it if you'd follow my ttm blog @

  13. Congrats!

    I'd love this one: November 2007 12 Greatest cards of the 21st Century

    ...and also any of these not claimed and available.

    December 1991 Cecil Fielder/Robin Ventura
    February 1994 Paul Molitor/Tim Salmon
    August 1994 Ryne Sandberg/Paul O’Neill
    November 1994 Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr./Mickey Mantle
    July 1995 Ken Griffey Jr./Ozzie Smith

    Beckett Baseball Card Plus

    December 2007/January 2008 Pete Rose

    I'll send you an e-mail later.

  14. Congrats man! Home ownership is an exciting and stressful thing! Good luck!