Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Gypsy Queen Breaks

I couldn't resist the urge to rip some packs so I picked up 4 rack packs of 2012 Gypsy Queen over the past 2 days.  I think the cards look nice but the huge Gypsy Queen logo is a little distracting.  The player selections seems to be spot on with current players and retired ones too.  These packs are a lot of fun to open ( I guess that's why I made 2 separate trips to Wal-Mart and Target to buy some!).  Soooo you're probably interested to see what I got huh?  Here we go:

 These aren't the hobby exclusive mini inserts, just 3 Willie Mays cards out of 12 packs!  Too bad I don't collect the Say Hey Kid.
 The Blue Framed paper cards look pretty awesome.  I don't think that I could have gotten a better team since the Dodger blue matches the border so well.  I'm pretty sure this card won't last in my for trade list very long.
 Here's the 4 Photo Variation shortprints.  Another Kemp, Ryan Howard, Nelson Cruz and Joey Votto.  Who's the best player in the group?
And here come the mini's.  A Dan Haren Green, and Black Bordered Prince Fielder and Dee Gordon.  I like the Black borders but the Greenie doesn't do anything for me.  It's just another parallel for me to chase of Nick Markakis.

Alright, Here's the rest of what I pulled and what's for trade:

Photo Variation SP's: 83 Howard, 220 Votto
Retail Exclusive Gold Borders: 6 Moore, 10 Halladay, 50 M. Cabrera, 197 Freese, 231 Dawson(2),  249 Musial, 294 R. Jackson
Minis: 155 Yovani Gallardo, 271 Weaver, 295 Gooden
Red Back Mini: 261 Smoltz, 277 Worley
Black Border Mini: 124 Dee Gordon
Green Border Mini: 148 Haren
Straight Cut Mini: 19 S. Smith
Glove Stories: GS-TR Trayvon Robinson
Moonshots: MS-RH Ryan Howard
Future Stars: FS-JH Jeremy Hellickson, FS-JU Justin Upton


  1. I haven't picked up any of these yet.I would be interested the #120 Mantle and #267 Feller though.

  2. You mind tossing that Sliding Stars & gold border Hamilton cards into my stack? I'll have that Adam Jones Heritage auto in the mail Saturday.

  3. Could you possibly set both Kemps aside for me?

  4. Hey, if you're looking for any more Gypsy Queen, I'll be giving away a bunch of them starting Saturday. They'll be under the Take My Cards section of Crackin' Wax if you're interested!

  5. Sweet pulls! I was in a break and received 3 boxes worth of Orioles cards so let me know what you need!! Should be getting them in the mail in the next few days.

  6. I'm interested in any of the blue or brown/gold/bronze paper frames. Let me know what you have once the dust settles and maybe we can work something out. I might be able to help some with your late 70s/early 80s needs.

  7. I'll gladly take any unclaimed Rangers...including the Cruz SP.

  8. I really like that Kemp card. I'm slowly getting over my childhood dislike of the Dodgers. As a Reds fan - they used to be the biggest enemy. Now the Cardinals are the true deviants. And now Kemp has been on my fantasy team for 3 years, and he is basically keeping me at the top of the standings.

    And the picture just seems very cool.