Sunday, April 8, 2012

Orioles @ Tides IP Autograph #23

It's IP autograph weekend here at "O" NO!!! Another Orioles Blog.  I'm featuring each and every in-person autograph that I obtained this past Wednesday when the Orioles played an exhibition game against their AAA affiliate, The Norfolk Tides.


HOLY CRAP!  I was totally unprepared for Brady to be there but a fellow autograph collector named Mike hooked me up with this 1999 Topps card.  1999 Topps is one of my favorite Topps sets overall and probably one of my favorite Brady cards.  He looks to be in full home run trot after hitting one into the flag court.

He signed for a ton of people before the game.  He was actually working out with Brian Roberts in the outfield.  HE WAS OUTRUNNING BRIAN BY SEVERAL STEPS!  I swear he could still play!

So this concludes autograph weekend here on the old blog.  I hope I didn't get on anybody's nerves by my posts popping up every hour but I felt the need to show off my bounty from Norfolk.  

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  1. I love seeing all the autographs you got at the game, wish I could have been there graphing with you! Congrats on the successes!