Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trade with Sean of Condition:Poor

Between the 2 natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane) in my area and untimely passing of Orioles great Mike Flanagan, I was able to complete a trade with Sean of the Condition:Poor blog.  Sean is a Mets fan so I sent him some extras I had sitting around.  He sent me some great cards to add to my collection.  Take a look:

Sean seems to center his collection around vintage cards and specifically Mets vintage.  I'm very glad that he had this prospects card of Ed Barnowski and Eddie Watt.  A lot of people really like the dual/triple/quad prospect and rookie cards.  I don't really care for them.  I like my rookie cards to be of just 1 player.
Here is a new Cal Card for my collection. This one is from 2007 Upper Deck, AKA the year UD went nuts with Cal themed inserts.  I really like the Ultra Iron Man set they did for "Fleer Ultra" because the pictures are all different.  From the few of these featuring the Iron Man and Iron Horse that I have, they all have the same pictures.  Maybe it's just a coincidence
I've recently taken a liking to on card Orioles Autographs.  Its just something about the cards actually being touched by the player that make them much cooler than the band-aid silver foil autograph stickers.  This is a first time autograph for me.  I don't know much about Eddie Watt but I like his signature because it's legible!  Most players these days don't take pride in penmanship.

Thanks Sean for the great cards you sent my way.  I hope you like your part of the trade!


  1. I agree with you about the rookie cards. I like mine to be of one player as well. One of my favorite cards is the '69 Johnny Bench card. I know the '68 Topps is his rookie card, but it is shared with Ron Tompkins. The '69 card is just so much nicer. He's squatted down in the catcher's position without any gear and the colors in his uniform and in the field behind him are just so bright. Much better than having a little square box of your face next to a little square box of some other guy's face, in my opinion.

  2. I'm happy that you're getting into Orioles autographs!