Friday, October 12, 2012

The Countdown to Opening Day 2013 begins...

Well, now that baseball season has officially ended, I'm already looking forward to the Orioles storybook run to winning the World Series next year.

I don't think I'll ever eat another avocado because "That's bush league, Bro"

I will not buy a Samsung S3 because I'm an Apple guy.

I will not be eating at Red Robin at least until their Oktoberfest promo ends.

Also, Cal Ripken and John Smoltz will not be able to insult my baseball intelligence anymore.  They both suck at calling games and who the fuck is Ernie Johnson.

Eat my balls TBS.  Your coverage of baseball has sucked since you stopped carrying all the Braves games.  We should be seeing reruns of Big Bang Theory and NCIS on your family of stations, not live baseball.

I will be headed to the ABC Store right now to get a bottle of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum to help dull the thought of a Yankees/Nationals WS.  At least TBS had one good sponsor.


  1. I tried to run a tally of how many times I heard "The 20-year old Manny Machado" and it looks like someone got to Ernie Johnson and told him that we got the point. I swear he said it about 15 times yesterday. And non-Oriole-homer Cal isn't entertaining. Instead he was a homer for A-Rod and that just broke my heart. And the sacrilege Cal committed when he said that Beltre was the greatest third baseman he had ever seen. Pssh, Brooks was not impressed.

  2. What a disappointing night man but let's hope we can build on this year. I would cut some dead weight (Roberts, Thome) and see who is available in free agency. It stings so bad that we had to lose the Yankees. Let's go Tigers!!!!!

  3. TBS Drinking Game:

    Mention of Harper's or Machado's age: DRINK

    Smoltzy comparing someone to a horse: DRINK

    Do or die/must-win/etc. mention: DRINK

    If you make it to the fourth inning without dying, you win!