Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An appropriate card from Topps

After all of the earthquake hullaballoo at work today I get home and got a bubble mailer from Topps.  You know most everybody has seen one of these in their mailbox:

Not everybody is as lucky to get boxes from Topps with unopened semi-vintage packs and diamond rings like you-know-who!

I thought this might be my Alexei Ramirez autograph from last year's Allen & Ginter or maybe my Manny Machado autograph from this years Bowman.

No such luck.  Just a Rockie with a blown out elbow:

It's a shortprint from this year's Heritage set.  This is what I got for my 44 cent stamp in the NPN's.  With all the Rockie-ing and rolling that the earth's crust did today, fate sent me this Jorge De La Rosa card.  I was about 50 miles away from the epicenter of the quake, there was a good amount of shaking going on but there was no damage to the building I was in.  It was evacuated as a precaution and the all clear was given about a half hour later.  It was definitely an interesting experience that I won't soon forget!

Back on track here though, I always do these since I got a pretty nice return from the 2004 Bowman Product.  Check it out:

Grady Sizemore Autographed game base relic card.  Sorry the scan is blurry but apparently Screwdowns scan worse than chrome cards!  The funny thing about this is that I had already pulled one of these out of the packs that I got the NPN address off of. I don't remember the odds of getting the card out of the packs but the odds of getting the same card as an NPN have got to be astronomical!

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