Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trade with Robert of $30 a Week Habit

I contacted Robert at the new $30 a Week Habit blog about some of his wantlists he has posted.  He is just jumping back into the hobby and is on the process of building 2010 and 2011 Topps sets.  I'm sure all of us around the blogging community have some spare cards from those sets laying around so help him out!

Anyways,  here's a couple of the cards he sent me in exchange for the Topps flagship commons I sent him:
 First off, he sent me one regular Topps base card.  That brings my set need down to one stinking card and it couldn't be of a stinkier player either: #573 Nyjer Morgan.  I really can't stand the guy.  He has a severe case of little man's syndrome and he is a dirty player.  If anybody has an extra #573 to help me finish off my set, I would much appreciate the help.
 I really get into the horizontal cards.  1956 Topps, and 1960 Topps are favorites of mine and now I can add 2001 Fleer Tradition to the list.  I had limited exposure to this set until this trade and I do like it a lot. The thing I don't like about this card is the text above the name banner.  What a sad day for Orioles fans.
 Earl Weaver has been in the news lately.  Well, at least Orioles news!  He had his 81st birthday this past weekend so happy belated birthday Earl!  Another news clipping was that he is selling off a bunch of his memorabilia including his World Series ring, and some special jerseys given to him by Eddie Murray and Cal Jr.  Also another interesting thing I learned yesterday was that Earl was ejected in both games of a doubleheader.  That takes some real talent!
Finally, I have my first in-hand 2011 Allen and Ginter card.  I'm not a big fan of A&G other than collecting the Orioles team sets.  I haven't bought a single pack this year and don't plan on it either.  It seems like a good year to skip this set because Topps really screwed the pooch with its cash cow.  From what I seeon blogs and forums, there are really crappy relic cards, near impossible autograph cards and collation issues with the product.
Back to Derrek Lee above, I'm not really sad he's gone from the Orioles.  I was initally excited when he signed here in the offseason but that wore off quickly when he failed at nearly every turn to drive runs in.  Even though we got the best of the three 1st basemen we were chasing this past winter.  Adam LaRoche is out for the season and Adam Dunn can't hardly hit is shoesize against lefties!  Lee was cold towards fans and wasn't what we thought he was going to be offensively.  At least the minor leaguer we got in exchange for him is mashing the ball down on the farm!

Thanks Robert for the trade.  I look forward to seeing some great posts coming from your new blog!


  1. I appreciated the trade as well Ryan, I'll be keeping an eye out for Orioles for you in the future.